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Q3 GoalKeepers 

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The GoalKeepers Business Accelerator

  • The GoalKeepers business development program significantly increases business success for small business owners. 

  • Using a best practice framework we create weekly and 90-day goals that help you develop and implement best practices in high-impact areas such as marketing, sales, client experience, and profitability.

  • You track progress and stay accountable to keep the goals you set on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

  • Combining 1:1 coaching with peer discussions sustains energy, motivation, focus... making it way easier to stay committed to your big vision and ongoing success.

How does the Accelerator work?

1. Big Vision...Small Steps.

  • 90-day planning increases success opportunities for any type or size of business.
  • It's so much easier move forward when you figure out your next 3 months while holding your bigger vision and purpose in mind.
  • GoalKeepers provides a proven structured process for accomplishing your vision 90 days at a time.

2. Best Practices.

There are so many ways best practices help...

  • The framework itself helps you imagine what is possible, particularly in high-impact areas such as marketing, sales, and profitability.
  • It becomes easy to create benchmarks and milestones that help you measure your progress toward goals.
  • Best practices have already been proven to work over time by other businesses and are ready to apply and test in your own business.

3. Short-term Commitment.

  • Anything you can accomplish in a year...you'll likely accomplish in a quarter with a bit more focus and commitment.
  • We're so convinced of this that we actually prefer that owners only sign up for GoalKeepers 90 days at a time. Keeps everyone including us on our toes.
  • But GoalKeepers is all about YOU. So sign up for whatever components and time frame meet your needs!

4. Flexible Components.

GoalKeepers is NOT your one-size-fits-all...one-trick-pony...twist-yourself-into-a-pretzel-to-make-it-work ... type of endeavour.   

Owners are all unique...so we've built a ton of flexibility into this program. Select only the components that suit your needs...

  • 1:1 business coaching.
  • Weekly coaching group.
  • Online learning resources.
  • Quarterly learning intensives.
  • Annual strategy and planning day.

5. Affordable Investment.

Of course this program is high-value. Doesn't mean it's high-sticker.

We've worked very hard to make GoalKeepers affordable for anyone. 

It's what we value and who we are.

Weekly Groups are high-value and affordable.


Fridays 8:30 am - 10:00 am

May 8 - June 26 2020



for GoalKeepers Q3

Meets via Zoom most Fridays

July 10 - September 25 2020