Hiring Right

One of my clients needs a bookkeeper. Last week he interviewed 2 candidates. He likes both individuals, and since I know both of them, he asked me which one I thought he should hire. Here’s what I told him…

“This has been a good example of how different it feels inside when you’re energized by a person or situation instead of being drained. You liked both candidates, but you felt more energized when talking with one than the other.

It sounds like [Heather] is your #1 choice. Assuming her references are okay, I would encourage you to go ahead and hire her. Let her know that she is your #1 choice and what factors have been important to you. Mention you felt energized by your conversation and were glad to find you have many values in common. Don’t be shy about this. Our colleagues and associates need to know what we appreciate about them.

Energy is very often a sign that we should move forward and take further action.  It’s like Life beckoning us to expand our horizons in a certain direction. In a hiring situation, it’s definitely not the only indicator…but it’s an important one.

Conversely, a lack of energy or enthusiasm is often a sign that no further action should be taken, or this person/situation should be avoided. There is no judgment implied. There may be a potential personality or value conflict we’re not yet aware of, or it may just be a timing issue. Hiring is about fit. We observe our lack of energy and refrain from moving forward, no other explanation required.

I generally find that when I follow energy signals, good things happen in life and business. Of course we still have to evaluate all the factors and use our brain to avoid stupid decisions, but we should always pay attention to the energy.”

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