It’s hard to argue with the logic. But the way I see it, the most important thing a business should be measuring is trust.

Why? Because trust easily creates an economy that is self-renewing and continuously expanding. How? By facilitating connection and engagement – the precursors of love, the most powerful source of energy on the planet.

What does all this have to do with business? Everything. Because when people are connected and fully engaged, they usually end up buying something. If they’re inside their company and not buying, they’re likely to do their jobs better. What’s not to like?

Can trust be measured? Trust is like the wind. You can’t see it, but you know it’s present. Because its signs give it away. Things move. Energy gets generated. Change occurs.

What are the signs that trust is present? Let’s see…there must be some things we could count. Maybe it would be the number of times employees smile or laugh. Maybe it’s the number of conversations that generate hope or lead to change. Maybe the number of days our employees show up jazzed about their jobs.

I don’t know. But sometimes I just feel we spend a lot of time and energy counting and measuring the wrong things.

What about if 2015 was about noticing, and increasing, all kinds of activities that build trust – in our organizations, families, and relationships? What if we were to fan these flames and watch trust build even more? What kind of economy would we create then?

Let’s do it, and see what difference it makes.