5 Keys to Building Your Content Strategy

Several intrepid entrepreneurs met today to discuss the in’s and out’s of developing a content marketing strategy and tactical plan. Themes that emerged from our discussion:

1.  It is no longer possible to attract customers with scattershot marketing (i.e. “getting your name out there”). Every entrepreneur needs a map and a plan.

2.  Make sure you look in the mirror before you head out the door.  (In other words clearly understand your business identity, brand, and value proposition before you start spreading your message).

3.  It is important to adapt your content and messaging as the needs of your market shift.

4.  To clearly understand your business identity, take time to define your Values, Purpose, Mission, and Vision. These components are the foundation for a solid brand.

5.  Two helpful tools for developing content strategy include: the empathy map and the buyer persona map.  These allow you to see the world from your client’s eyes, and adjust your content strategy and tactics accordingly.