Increasing Sales with the “Skinny Call”

One of sales reps’ most common mistakes is to try closing a sale too quickly. Predictably, viagra the potential customer feels misunderstood, no rx turns off, check and leaves the conversation. End of story.

One widely-taught solution is to create a “trial close”.  A trial close is where you present an offer that falls short of an actual sale, but is something that the prospect can still say “yes” to. You ask the prospect for an opinion or idea that reveals how she’s thinking so you can further tailor your sales approach – rather than requiring her to make an actual buying decision.

One special type of trial close is the “skinny call”.*  A skinny call is one that’s kept very short and to the point.  It avoids explanations and seeks simply to qualify the prospect so no one’s time gets wasted.  It also breaks up the sales process while building trust with the potential client at the same time. Here’s how to a skinny call might work to help you better qualify your leads.

Suppose someone comes to your website and downloads a white paper.  You get an email notification in your Inbox, and follow up by phone. What do you say in this phone call?

What you SHOULDN’T say is “Ms. Smith, I see you downloaded our awesome white paper. Do you want to buy our product?”

Remember your only goal on the skinny call is to qualify this person and build trust.  It is NOT to make a sale.  So you COULD say…

–          Ms. Smith, I see you downloaded our white paper on x subject.

–          Is x an issue in your company?

–          Is it a priority for you / your company to solve the problem we’ve outlined there? [because if it isn’t a priority, you might as well not waste each other’s time at this point.  You could offer to check in again at a later time, or ask them if you could send out a further helpful document that also addresses their needs in some way]

–          Would it be helpful to talk to an expert / attend a webinar / schedule a further call that would help you to explore ideas and options? [insert helpful intervention that addresses one of their top 3 issues or pain points here. This will allow you to explain details when they’re in the mood to hear them and are thus likely to be more receptive]

–          Would you be available at x time? [get a commitment to proceed to your next step in the sales process]

That’s pretty much it.  The skinny call saves time and aggravation, builds trust, and leads to more and better deals over time.

* I first heard the term “skinny call” in our @Communitech Tactical Sales Peer-2-Peer Group this week.  Thanks to Ryan McCartney and Brad Kwiatkowski of Miovision for sharing it with us!