Networking Tips

How can I use networking to grow my business?
• Attitude of “abundance” vs. “scarcity”.  Give before you get.
• High-value people attract high-value people and opportunities.
• Warm leads vs. cold leads – way easier and more fun.
• Longer-term vs. shorter-term solution.
• All business is built on relationships and conversations.
• Network to establish and strengthen your brand. Aim to be as visible as possible.
• Energy is money and money is energy.
• Conversations create energy, viagra 60mg sale move your business forward and open up new opportunities.

How do I decide where to network, cure or evaluate the networks I already have?
• Clearly identify your target market and value prop.
• If you’re not clear who your target market actually is, network to get clarity.
• “Generic networking” to start (e.g. Chamber of Commerce).
• “Targeted networking” to connect with your specific market (professional
associations, supplier groups, clients’ networks).
• Conferences, trade shows – regular and reverse tradeshow marketing.
Networking efforts should be bringing new business opps.  If not, change strategies.
• Distinguish between “high-value” (to your business), and “low-value” people.

What should I say to people?
• Even more important to listen.
• Be interested in others. Follow your natural curiosity and ask the questions that
interest you.
• Aim is to connect.  Never to sell. Selling comes much later!
• Be yourself.  If people don’t respond well, get feedback and aim to improve.
• Always ask how you can be helpful to them.  Who is their ideal client?  Who do you
know that you can connect them with?

How can I feel more at ease while networking?
• Notice and acknowledge your anxiety, but put it off to one side.  Don’t let it become the main event.
• Breathe deeply.
• Tell yourself “these people are just friends I haven’t met yet”.
• Never take it personally when someone doesn’t warm up to you. We either resonate or we don’t.
• Watch your self-talk – keep it positive.

How can I actually turn business cards into business?
• The key is in the follow-up.
• Your job at the networking event is to connect with as many people as you can, and
notice which ones you feel attracted to and might like to meet again.
• Write follow-up thank-you notes or emails to strengthen the connection.

How can I use social media to network online?
• Twitter, Linked In, Facebook.  Write your own content that answers questions and
concerns of your target market. Teach them how to think about your industry,
product or service.
• Join groups.  Start conversations with people that interest you.  Ask questions,
answer questions. Create events and use social media to invite people.  Track your
leads and follow-ups.

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