The Secret Power of Resonance

Small business owners come across so many people and opportunities in the course of day. Time and energy are always at a premium. So how can we identify the individuals and opportunities that are most likely to bring value to our business?

I use an organizing principle called Resonance. In physics, resonance is what causes energy to flow easily among things. Energy can flow easily between people too – just watch two people fall in love or even have a rip-roaring argument! Fortunately in business, when people and situations are energetically “resonant”, both love and money are likely to follow.

I always look for resonance when meeting new people. When our eyes light up or I find myself smiling for no apparent reason, these are a couple of early signals that resonance is present. I look for conversations where and ideas flow effortlessly, we easily share a joke, maybe we know the same people, or we value similar ideas or interests.

Sometimes the opposite is true. Maybe I’ve reacted strongly to something an individual has said and feel an urge to make a rebuttal. Energy is still being exchanged, and often there’s something here that needs to be explored or learned. As the saying goes, hatred and love are not opposites. They’re both the opposite of indifference.

Once I observe this kind of energetic connection, I make sure to follow through on it. I get the person’s card and often arrange to meet with them. Frankly, I don’t care much about their title, where they work, or what they actually do. The resonance between us indicates that some kind of valuable energy is available and wants to flow through the connection we’ve made. Even if a particular individual is not a fit for something I offer or need, they likely know someone who is, by virtue of the resonance they feel with those in their network.

In contrast, when I don’t feel an energetic connection, I simply let the connection drop without worrying about it. Maybe we’ll connect at a later date when each of us is at a different point. Or maybe that person will resonate better with someone else.

I’ve found that connections that get made in this way almost always work out well for both parties. I’ve become acquainted with many of my best clients and associates using this valuable principle. So I get to work with the people I like the most, with minimal friction and maximum pleasure and profit. What’s not to like about that?

So look for resonance as you’re out and about. Your business will love you for it!

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