Building Your Tribe

What do you mean by “tribe”?
• More than a group or a crowd . Like a family without the typical dysfunctions. Share common interests and values and are aligned in the same direction. “Get” each other. Like and respect each other. Easy exchange of energy, erectile little or no friction. A tribe buzzes with energy whenever it assembles, decease whether online or in person.

How can I recognize potential members of my tribe?
• Clarify exactly who your business is designed to serve, malady why, and how.
• Know the underlying characteristics, attitudes, values, and associations of your target market.
• Hang out where they hang out, and get comfortable with them, and let them get comfortable with you.

How can I clarify my brand so that it becomes irresistible to my target market?
• Really understand your people, their characteristics, needs, fears, dreams, and aspirations.
• Choose colours, images, words, and stories that resonate with these characteristics so that they know instinctively and at an unconscious level that you understand them. e.g. “
• Craft stories and testimonials that help them recognize they can trust you, you are genuine, you are here to help them without using or taking advantage of them.
• Aim to delight your customers so they’re likely to talk about you in a positive way when you’re not there… and so your target market is just as likely to hear about you from a trusted friend or associate as any other marketing method.
• Clearly, this will not happen overnight…but it can happen very quickly once you reach a certain tipping point.

How can I build a marketing pipeline to get my message out in a clear and consistent way?
• Principles: Increase familiarity. Repeat contact. Both in-person and online strategies. Both individual and group strategies. High value at low cost, then at higher cost or greater investment. Connection, ease, and fun “romance” first – commitment “marriage” later.
• Example: Identify your favourite clients. Think of a value-added product, service, special offer, event, learning opportunity, article, white paper, networking event, etc. that would help or delight them. Create a project plan.
• Communicate your valuable offering: email /snail mail blast, blog, tweet about it, etc.
• Create a community around your offering: Facebook, Linked In, or Crowdvine group, fan page etc.
• PR your offering: create story line, speak to groups, video or video blog, press release, radio & TV interviews.
• Online: sales page, email, teleclass or webinar, follow-up, book appointments etc.
• Collect evaluations, collect testimonials, post on website, blog, or Twitter.

How can we create “buzz” for our brand using social media?
• Visual branding. Online groups. Blog & Twitter posts. YouTube videos. Expert reviews & interviews related to your common interests. Reciprocal links. Participate actively in tribe members’ in-person & online communities.

How can we reduce our marketing spend by cultivating repeat and referral business?
• Review your database – identify strategic alliances, referral partners, associates, clients, former clients, various interest groups, etc. Develop referral incentives that make sense for each group. Keep a “nurture” list to help bring people from the edges of your tribe into the centre of things. Stay in touch with these people.

How can we foster an enthusiastic community of brand advocates?
• Give them what they want and need. Whatever it is, make it fun, cool, interesting, and high value.
• Aim for interactivity: offer polls, contests, seminars, prizes, awards, events (live or online) that bring the whole tribe together and create buzz for your brand.

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