10 Attitudes to Lead By

Leadership in today’s hectic business climate is not for the faint of heart. These 10 attitudes will help you lead…from the inside out.

1. Faith
Let’s face it…you either believe in your larger purpose, your business, your people – or you don’t. Faith is better. A positive, forward-thinking mindset helps you and your network stay motivated to succeed even in tough times.

2. Reciprocity
Ever try withdraw money from an empty bank account? Of course it doesn’t work. Neither does asking people for stuff before you’ve invested time and energy in them.

3. Boundaries
Aim to be: Firm – Fair – Friendly – Fun. Humour is a great way to keep nonsense at bay, and is a lot more fun than harsh words. Respectfully poking fun gets your point across without collateral damage.

4. Servanthood
The leader is the one with the fastest pace, the loudest voice and the biggest guns, right? Wrong. Effective leaders get things done through collaboration, and by ensuring that their people have the skills, tools, and encouragement to do the best possible job.

5. Abundance
There is always more market share than relevant players can fulfill. Lack of work reflects an inability or unwillingness to truly think like a customer. Help your network get what they want, and they will help you get whatever you want.

6. Passion
Do what you love with people you love. Create your personal or business vision and brand around this, and work to overcome all obstacles until you get there.

7. Competence
Be the best at what you’re best at. Develop your strengths, and delegate your weaknesses. Consistently aim for excellence and you will inspire it in others. No excuses.

8. Forgiveness
Anger and bitterness waste way too much energy. Remember…when drama goes up…income goes down. Move away from people and situations that deplete you and toward those that energize you.

9. Investment
…vs. ”expense”. Highly successful companies continue to invest in marketing, training and development even when times are tough. Expect to spend time, energy, and money in order to continue growing. Then spend it. Substitute faith and confidence for fear and worry.

10. Attraction
It’s easier and cheaper over time to attract than to promote. Cultivate the attitudes above, and you will become a magnet for high-quality opportunities.

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