Top 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Small Business Leadership

Faith • You either believe in your bigger purpose, ask your business, price people – or you don’t. Faith is better.
Reciprocity • Give before you receive. Give whether or not you get back, prostate keeping in mind your boundaries.
Boundaries • Aim to be: Firm • Fair • Friendly • Fun. Respectfully poking fun works well to get your point across.
Abundance • You can get whatever you want when you help others get what they want.
Attraction • Easier and cheaper over time to attract than to promote.
Passion • Do what you love. Overcome all obstacles until you get there. Find a way.
Competence • Be the best at what you’re best at. No excuses.
Forgiveness • Anger and bitterness wastes way too much energy. When drama goes up…income goes down.
Investment • vs. ”expense”. Expect to spend time, energy, and money in order to grow. Then spend it. No excuses.

Leadership: Do the Right Things.
• Components: Vision, Intention, Strategy, Innovation, Influence, Team-building, Empowerment, Communication.
Management: Do Things Right.
• Components: Task & Project Planning, Implementation, Delegation, Measurement, Communication.
• 7 Key Areas, measured quarterly: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, HR, Data, Finances, Facilities.

Strengths • Work from them. Invest in them. Delegate your weaknesses. See
Style • Study, know, and use it. 16 personality types, 6 leadership styles, 4 behavioral styles. Go to, click “Jung Typology Test” and take the Myers-Briggs free.
Values • What’s most important to you and your company? There are tons of “Values” lists online. But even better, notice your own words about what matters most to you, and create your own list.
Brand • Make sure your brand reflects your core strengths and values. Seek resonance and alignment.
Feedback • From people you know, love, and trust. If you don’t have such people in your network, cultivate them.

Blue Ocean Strategy • Analyse your business in relation to your entire industry. Seek untapped markets to render your competition irrelevant. Always seek to reduce costs while increasing value.
10-year Vision • Create one. Click here for more on goal-setting.
Exit / Succession Strategy • Have one.
Social mission • Get one. Check out the Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation.

“It takes a community to build a business”None of us can do as well alone what many of us can do together.
Expand your network • Network with other centres of influence. Become a centre of influence yourself (Follow #1 above and this will happen automatically). Network with your target market, using all methods, including social media.
Strategic partnerships • Pursue or attract like-minded businesses, and help each other grow.
Joint ventures • Negotiate win-win JV’s that drive your business and your mission forward.

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