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30 people joined us today for our Ready2Grow First Friday Forum on Goal-setting!
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What do I really, really want to see happen in life and business?
• pay attention to inklings and write them down on a regular basis. Never discount an inkling.
• gather info about what attracts you from everywhere – articles, talks, blogs, connections
• keep track of these things, notice patterns
• notice where energy appears without any effort – find self smiling, want to know more, etc.
• follow the energy and see what it has in store for you
• within ethical limits, move away from things that drain you or don’t interest you
• let the people and ideas that stick with you solidify into intentions and goals, and write them down

What does success look like for me?
• pay attention to desires, inklings, as well as repulsions – reverse the repulsions to get clear on what success means for you. ie: if it doesn’t mean x, what does it mean?
• complete this statement as many times as you want to: “I know I’ll be successful by how…”

How do vision, mission, intentions, and goals relate to each other?
Vision – dream
Intention – dream with a backbone
Mission – dream as a statement of intent
Goal – dream with a deadline
Projects and task lists – handmaidens of all the above. Not the other way around.

How do I find time to set goals on a regular basis?
• create a console – one central place to keep track of all activities. Calendar usually best.
• slot regular times where you review what’s in your console and plan future activities.

How can I figure out what’s most important to pay attention to, to grow my business?
• figure out your 10-year “North Star”
• get clear on your profit model – how you are making money in your business
• always distinguish between high-value and low-value people and activities, ease out the lower-value ones
• be a high-value person and business yourself, so you attract other high-value people and opportunities
• set goals in the 2 key leadership areas, and the 6 key management areas of your business
• review progress quarterly and annually

What’s a 10-year North Star and why should I have one?
• best to set goals very far out (10 years) and work backward from there. Also arrange goals around your Exit Plan.
• create a vision board around your dream and look at it daily.
• then set quarterly goals and daily & weekly next steps related to your big dream.
• eliminate distractions.

How can I work smarter?
• do all of the above

How can I develop into a better person?
• notice what you are not doing as well as you would like, and record a goal for this. E.g. I want to be more confident, patient, helpful, consistent.
• put it right into your console where you are paying attention to it on a daily basis.

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