Self Employment a Challenge?

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Owning your own business can be a rollercoaster ride at the best of times!
Can you identify…?
-You finally get your business tuned just right…then the market shifts…
-You were busy with projects…and now all of a sudden you don’t have enough new business…
-You set goals…but have trouble sticking to your most important priorities…
-You’re highly successful, but are struggling to handle all the business that comes your way!
-Maybe you just wish you were accountable and had a regular sounding board…

It’s simply true that in order to succeed, most small business owners need a ton of support. Sure, motivational “guru”-type seminars are great…but…why pay somebody else what you need to learn yourself?

Let’s face it…it’s what’s inside your head that counts. Learning and actually applying sound business principles consistently, on a daily basis, is what produces results.

What better place to learn and grow than with a group of committed, high-achieving peers? Ready2Grow has run group coaching programs in the past with great success…and we will be starting our next groups in October. We are seeking your input to make our groups as relevant to your learning needs as possible.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey. One lucky person will win their coaching series at no charge to them! The winner will be announced in our next newsletter. Here’s the link again…

Thanks for your time and interest!
Yours in growth & learning,

Lois Raats MEd CCC BCC
Business Coach and Founder
Ready2Grow Associates
…your growth is our business

“Now is the time to fix the next ten years.”
–Jim Rohn

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