Learn Business Skills With Your Peers!


Are you an owner who is eager to grow your business?

● You know there’s more business out there, but you’re not sure how to attract it.
● You attend networking events… but you’re not sure your efforts are getting you where you want to go.
● And even if you could acquire more customers, you’re not really certain your business could handle them.
● You wish you could serve your clients better and retain them longer.
● You’d delegate tasks to other people if you could find the cash flow – and the right people.
● You’d get better organized – if only you could find the time to sit down and figure things out!

Guess what? Help is available!

● You can learn a systematic method for growing your business that gives you more time and more money at the end of the day.
● Learn alongside other business owners who are just as eager to absorb new ideas and strategies for growing their business.
● Accountability is built right in…so it’s easy to stay on track and achieve your goals.
● Convenient format…on the phone for just an hour and a half every other week.
● Best of all…a great low price per session…and even less if you bring a friend!

Imagine how great it would feel to finally see REAL, MEASUREABLE PROGRESS in your business! With friendly, helpful support along the way!

Yours in growth & learning,


Lois Raats
Business Coach & Founder
Ready2Grow Associates

Read more and sign up today at: http://www.ready2grow.com/readysetgrow/

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