Mindset for Marketing Success

Successful marketing starts with our thoughts. Don’t let a negative marketing mindset hinder your marketing success.

A negative mindset involves harbouring unhelpful ideas about:
— our worth, or the worth of our business idea (“we’ll never make a go of this thing”…”we’ll never be able to
solve these problems…”)
— what we believe others think about us (“business is slow, nobody wants what we’re offering…”)
— what we believe is possible for ourselves and our company (“we’ll never be able to get the capital we
need to grow…”)

Here is a sample of the most common negative marketing-related beliefs as stated by participants at our Miracle Grow Workshop. If you harbour some of these beliefs – you’re not alone! Lots of apparently successful people hold self-doubt at their core…but the truly successful ones face their inner gremlins and overcome them.

Take a couple minutes and see which unhelpful beliefs you resonate with the most. Now be honest…the success of your business depends on it!

___I can’t sell.
___I shouldn’t intrude.
___I don’t have enough time to market effectively.
___I’ll never get organized enough to market effectively.
___People will figure out I’m a fake.
___People won’t choose me.
___I can’t make myself clear.
___I will be humiliated.
___If I make a mistake, I am a failure.
___I will never be as good as others.
___Others can’t be trusted to help me succeed.
___”Yes, but…(whatever you’re suggesting, it won’t work for me…)”

So, what did you find out?

Check back next week for the #1 negative belief held by people at the Miracle Grow Workshop – and how to overcome it!

Teleseminar: Attracting What You Need to Grow
This week Susan Holm, owner of Natural Healthcare Centre, explains how she was able to let go of that old entrepreneurial pattern of doing everything yourself. During her recent move from Shakespeare to Waterloo, Susan allowed herself to draw on the services of 23 different professionals – and oh, what a difference the proper support can make! If you’re in transition or know someone who is…listen in and find out how to make life easy for yourself during a major transition! Here’s the link:

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