Marketing: Shine Your Light

Many times at workshops I ask the question “what inner beliefs hold you back from marketing success?”. Guess what the top answer is … Is it “I can’t sell”? “I don’t have enough time”? “People won’t like me”?

No. It’s…”I shouldn’t intrude”.

“I shouldn’t intrude?” You mean, “I shouldn’t care enough to let you know about a solution that can solve your problem and make your life better”?

Okay, we can all relate. We’ve been annoyed at times by pushy salespeople who’ve invaded our space and stolen our time with their own self-absorbed profit agenda.

But I’m not talking about that kind of situation – because very few of my wonderful readers would ever even consider treating people that way. We have the opposite problem. We are so thoughtful and considerate that we would rather keep our great products and services a SECRET than potentially “offend” someone with our zeal and enthusiasm.

Well, I hope we can get over this. The world needs us, our products, and our services. We weren’t created to hide our light under a bushel. We were meant to SHINE.

A shining light emits energy and attracts attention.

A shining light illuminates the path so others can see the way.

A shining light warms the heart and energizes the spirit.

So don’t worry about intruding. Shine your light. Don’t apologize. Don’t hide.

The world needs you.

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