Time Tupperware – Turn Brainstorms into Business

Most business people I know are breathlessly busy. But busy-ness doesn’t necessarily translate into business. To grow your business, find start by putting your inklings and ideas into boxes.

Say what?

Here’s the thing. Most entrepreneurs are short of time for work on the innovations that form the foundation for business growth. So suppose you need a new assistant. When do you have the time and energy to sit down and figure out a job description? Or maybe you need to rethink your customer processes, salve but find that when you actually find time to consider the issues, all your great ideas have flown out of your head.

“Time Tupperware” is a way of collecting your ideas so they’re easily available for business decision-making. By setting up “containers” for your ideas and projects, you can add to, locate, and harvest your ideas when you’re ready to do so.

We’re not talking plastic boxes here, we’re talking thinking tools.

A Time Tupperware solution has following characteristics:

– Virtually impossible to lose or misplace. To make effective business decisions, you need to be able to access the right information at the right time. Creative problem-solving and decision-making too easily gets derailed if you can’t find the relevant information when you need it.

-Unobtrusive when not in use, so its presence doesn’t distract you from current priorities. This is especially important for creative thinkers who are easily distracted by external stimuli.

-Easily visible when you want or need it to be. For example, file folders, even virtual ones, don’t work well for creative problem-solving – because it’s hard to find your ideas when you need them. Time Tupperware often works better.

There are several Time Tupperware tools that I’ll share with you over the next while through my newsletter / blog.

Here is one simple Time Tupperware solution that’s helped me use brainstorms to grow my business.

Whenever I’m starting to struggle with a growth-related issue, I grab an unused Calendar box in my Outlook program (e.g. 4 a.m. time slot), and give it a title that suits the current problem. Then I start throwing ideas, information, links, and resources in there as they come across my plate over a period of time. When I’m ready to move forward, I have a good amount of relevant information at my fingertips to inform my business decision-making.

For example, I’ve used this method to:

Generate the job description for my new assistant

Figure out which technology will best suit my needs

Improve customer service

Organize project plans for various household repairs

Because the box on my calendar, I always know where it is. I put a “Recurrence” on each box so it automatically re-appears every week. Anytime I open the box to add new information, I open the whole series (vs. the individual box). Thus all information contained in each box automatically travels from week to week as well, ready to help me grow my business.

In a future post, I’ll tell you how I used this method to help me hire an amazing assistant.

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